Parasols which are designed and remade to represent the fabric quality as well as the beautiful patterns of Kimono debut as a new line of HANA-no-Shirt.

Most of the materials 100% silk, and each of the framework is made in a careful manner.
In the same way as our HANA-no-Shirts, all of parasols are hand-made in order to represent the beauty of Japanese patterns as well as the quality of the fabric.

Not only to satisfy your fashion sense, but also to meet your need to block Ultra-violet, all of our Parasols are finished with Ultra-violet blocking spray. You can use it under the sunshine without worrying about suntan.

Now we offer laxury series,made with TSUMUGI one of expensive KIMONO fabrics and hi-grade bamboo handle.

 Please get a beautiful parasol for youself.


※We are on the products that are now stock, but because it is one point of all, I need your help as soon as possible your order.